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More about Ol’ Nessie!

Well, I know I’ve already talked about Nessie in the previous post, but I think I’ll go a little further into the subject:

A lot of people think that Nessie is just an elephant swimming underwater

Whoever thought that must really have problems with Nessie! 😆

Anyways, on we go. Nessie has been seen in hundreds if not thousands of pictures everywhere, though not one of those pictures is clear, or distant enough to see what it is. It obviously doesn’t want to be seen. You sometimes wonder if it can breathe underwater or not, if it could, it would have no need to come out of the water and that’s why no one ever sees it or has found out what it is, but, on the other hand, it does come out often enough for someone to get a prize-winning picture of it! Also, is Nessie friendly? You don’t hear of sailors getting limbs bitten off by Nessie, do you? I think it feeds on sea plants and possibly very small fish.

God has made some wonderful, and strange creatures,we don’t exactly know what they all are… but God always knows! And it is His will, and His will only, that we may find out what these creatures are!

I would like to see your opinion of this mysterious, underwater beast through comment. 🙂



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Uh, HI!

Hello blog.. uh, readers! I’m Adian. I write about Strange Creatures in the Bible (and some that aren’t mentioned in the Bible). This is my first post so don’t expect anything flashy, shiny, or special! The Bible is chock-full of strange creatures, like…. Nessie! If you don’t know who Nessie is, let me explain. Nessie is a Loch Ness Monster that dwells in the Loch in Scotland. Dragons are also something that the Bible mentions, it doesn’t exactly say “There were dragons long, long ago that flew and breathed fire and liked shiny things, especially gold!” But it does give some evidence that dragons, or something similar to them once flew over the land. It could be that they got dragons and Nessie mixed up! In the book of Job somewhere there is a reference of a fire-breathing water dwelling creature that (possibly) could walk on land and that had scales that wouldn’t let even the sharpest blade cut through it. Anyways, I’ll post more on this later. Right now I just have to get this blog in a better-looking form!


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